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Evolution des services

3 octobre 2014 0 0

Igord, votre serviteur a décidé d'aller encore plus loin en proposant une mise à jour majeure des services ! En effet, depuis hier, nous avons intégrer à toutes les offres Com'Carte la possibilité d'AJOUTER DES PAGES à votre carte de visite interactive ! Cette nouvelle fonction MAJEURE est automatiquement ajouté à votre compte ! Vous allez donc…

Un cadeau pour toute commande

6 août 2014 0 0

Like gifts? That's good! COMPLETE OFFER The next 30 orders coming from now and so for a short time, will be given a QR CODE STAMP INK colors COM'CARTE. A big surprise waiting for you necessarily once this QR Code flashed! Be careful if you order a STAMP INK, you will receive our gift in addition…

We talk in the press

5 août 2014 0 0

The business card finally INTERACTIVE ! Com' present in the press!

The new 300×600 advertising Com’Carte

30 juin 2014 0 0

Here Com’Carte advertising of June, which will run on different media. This ad is animated to show the simplicity of the concept Com’Carte! If you want to circulate it, please! Right click, save as and go!

Video Com’Carte #1

23 juin 2014 0 1

Video Youtube Com'Carte

Create QR Code

20 juin 2014 0 1

The business card finally INTERACTIVE ! Create a QR code is a way of communicating become simple enough and very accessible in terms of creation online. Today does not offer QR Code on your various media COM (Header mail, business card, car door, polo shirts, ...) returns to say as a few years ago, "Here…

FINALLY give life to your COM!

18 juin 2014 0 1

La carte de visite enfin interactive ! Com' Discover our packs cards, square corners or round, film-coated, double-sided on a quality paper 350g whilst incorporating a QR Code with your colors! If you have a question, or other info, please CONTACT US.

Business Card Norfrigo – Customer Reference

17 juin 2014 0 0

Reference in the cards, the NORFRIGO company that wanted to integrate its new cards QR Code option, interactive map. The entire staff is now offering its customers / contacts, scan the QR Code to include all contact information and logos directly into the smartphone party. Was added to the service, a series of ink stamps…

Une création