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Which kind of paper is used for business card?

The paper used for the ComCarte business cards is a recycled paper 350g. We don’t offer any other paper , we choose only top quality.

Who is in charge of printing?

The ComCarte business cards printing is commited to a french company, based in France

I only need a personalized QR code, without printing, is it possible?

Yes, it is.You can order only the ComCarte concept without any printing. We will
send ,once the order checked, an email with 3 differents formats of your QR code (JPG, PNG et SVG)

Direct link to this product, click here!

i would like to print the business cards by myself

You can print your ComCarte business cards by yourselves. Once your order checked and paid, we will send you an email with 3 differents formats of your QR code (JPG, PNG et SVG).

The SVG format is used for printing. This format is a vector format

What is the business card size ?

The size of the busisness card is 84 mm x 55 mm, the standard size. You can choose when you order if you want an horizontal or vertical format.

What is the delivery time frame?

  • About printing, each order is processed until 3pm. you will receive your order after 6 open days.!
  • About QR code SOLOS, you will receive an email 24 hours maximum after the order confirmation.!
  • About ink pad, your order will be sent within 48 hours maximum

I would like to make batch order for my company

An attractive price is at your disposal for any order of more than 10 differents business cards.

Please contact us before order.

Can I modify the informations of my ComCarte business card?

Yes, it is. You can modify the informations of your ComCarte card. We will give you an acces on the website, upon request by email , to modify by yourselves.

This access is possible during 2 years

I am not satisfied of my order, what will happen?

Printing is not exact science, so it is possible that your order do not satisfied you.If it’s a printing problem (color, size..), we will send you your order a second time.

Contact now our client support

How does my order pass off?

It’s very easy, your order is ready after 3 steps :

  • Once the order validated by Com’Carte, you will receive an email to give us your informations (email, mailing address, logo…)
  • Online order and payment
  • As soon as we have received all the informations , we manufacture your product and sent it straight on.

I would like to have a different layout for my busisness cards

If you want a different layout, contact us and we will consider your request.

We will answer you after seeing visually your demand

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